This course teaches the setup and use of twin tanks. It is not necessary to have prior experience. Although this can help there is also value in being taught to do it right from the start. Many people practice and struggle to achieve a skill when a simple adjustment can make the skill straightforward and easy. Courses can be structured to allow time to practice before we go to Mt. Gambier.
CDAA Basic Cave
This combination of 4 courses (CDAA Basic Cave, Adv Nitrox, Decompression procedures and Vertical Access provides) form a comprehensive package of training that teaches you how to access even the more difficult sites, how to dive in a cave environment and how to manage and optimize decompression obligations. It will provide all the background skills you need through your cave diving and ocean diving alike. Special package discount $2200 (save $450)
Complete Basic Cave Combination Program
TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures
Course Links
TDI Intro to Tech
TDI Nitrox
TDI Nitrox & ITT
TDI Adv Ntx & Deco
TDI Adv Ntx & Heliotrox
TDI Trimix
TDI Nitrox Blender#
TDI Adv Blender#
TDI Sidemount
TDI Cavern•
TDI Intro to Cave••
TDI Cave•••
TDI Cave Sidemount
CDAA Deep Cavern^
CDAA Cave^
CDAA Adv Cave^
SDI Solo
TDI Cave survey
TDI Vertical access+
TDI Cave stage
# when done in conjunction with Advanced Nitrox or Trimix course
* when done in conjunction with Trimix course
^ May be done OC or CCR (KISS or JJ only)
• When done in conjunction with CDAA Deep Cavern
•• When done in conjunction with CDAA Cave Course
••• When done in conjunction with CDAA Adv Cave course.
+ Maybe done in conjunction with other courses
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See Deep Cavern
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This is an ideal companion course for the Deep Cavern course as it covers the decompression component absent in that course and which is relevant for anyone doing multiple 40m dives in a day or who wants to extend bottom time and get the most out of their dive. There are no extra experience requirements for this course and divers can do it immediately after Deep Cavern. The dives done during this course will contribute to the dive experience requirements of Cave and the Shaft and the extra skill refinement will help during Cave (and even Adv. Cave as stage tank use is taught).
Interested in a course that's not scheduled or is full? Let me know. I run courses when I have enough interest and sometimes people have to drop out thereby freeing up spaces. I currently have a lot of interest in a few courses and am just waiting on one or two people to make up the numbers.